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Career @ ETNL
ETNL has earned its laurels, (but never rested on it), especially among industry peers, as a top-of-the-line software solutions provider for .....
Summer Internship for MBA (SIP)
The Summer Internship Program or SIP is designed for students of management graduate.......
Academic projects for Engineering
Academic Engineering Project or AEP is specifically designed for professional students of BTech,......
Incorporated in 2001, eTail Networks Limited or ETNL is a full-service IT solutions provider that is focused at offering end-to-end innovative educational software as well as state-of-the-art comprehensive automation solutions for enterprises worldwide.

Our scope of services include everything from web services to enterprise resource planning or ERP solutions for educational institutions and corporate enterprises with 24/7 maintenance engineering backup.
Language lab software and learning solutions
Fully Computerized Digital ETNL      Language Lab.
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Presence in Eighteen States
Installed in Schools, Arts & Science, Engineering, MBA and      other professional Colleges.
Eight Academic years of experience in Computerized Language      Lab.
The Campus Management     System – CMS
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Total solution for any educational institution.
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