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The ETNL English Language Lab© edge can be broadly categorized and abbreviated as VITI :

Versatility -- Text, images, audio and video can easily be integrated, and the teacher can remodel and alter materials to fit the needs of a multitude of language teaching programs.
Interactivity -- Learners can record their own voice and play back the recordings, interact with each other and the teacher, and store results
Teacher intervention -- The teacher can make student-specific oral comments as well as have real-time control of learners' computers via teacher's console, track student work, and much more
Independent learning -- Access to resources beyond the timetable encourages independent learning
Added advantages for the student in the digital language laboratory include:
Irrespective of the seating arrangement in a  language laboratory classroom setting, each student -- by virtue of being privy to direct sound transmission -- receives step-by-step guidance from the teacher to their headsets with crystal-clear clarity.
Privacy & Effective Learning
Individual headsets with microphones not only guarantee absolute privacy for student-teacher communications in the multimedia language lab but also ensure effective learning as it encourages even the self-consciously inhibited student to speak with confidence -- without being worried about peer-ridicule common in a normal classroom setting. Moreover, the language management software reduces classroom distraction as communication between a particular student and his or her teacher is completely independent of the rest of the group.
Better Attention & Quicker Comprehension
The ETNL Language Lab© Software is more attention-riveting for the student and increases the pace of comprehension as student coaching is purely based on level of study, grasping power as well as language aptitude among others.
Enhances listening skill & Encourages Self-Pacing
Listening skills are automatically honed and with the added advantage of being able to pace oneself based on comparison of recordings, the language is imbibed more naturally aiding confident delivery with an immaculate accent.